Yola Experiences The Supernatural As Christ Embassy Hosts Miracle Faith Seminar

Healing miracles and restoration of hope to many characterised Christ Embassy Yola’s 2-Day Miracle Faith Seminar.

Hundreds of students attended the program on September 17 and 18 and were enlightened on the subjects of faith to receive and dominion over sickness. The faith of those present was stirred up, leading to many miracles, including the healing of a lady who had used crutches for 2 years.


Testimonies from partners and former students of the Healing School incited excitement, great faith and commitment in all present. Sister Jennifer Mathwai, a former student of Healing school, shared the story of her liberty from chronic gastronomic ulcer. Brother and Sister Michael and Joy Ayuba bore witness to God’s power at work through the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, ending infertility in their marriage.

The host Pastor and Virtual Zonal Pastor of North-East Virtual Zone 1, Pastor Emmanuel Abbah, reminded those present that it was their responsibility to walk in health and that all they require has been done through the death of Jesus on the cross. “God is not planning to heal you again; you’ve been healed. Walk in that consciousness,” he said

Pastor Emmanuel ministered to those who had challenges in their bodies. The whole auditorium was agog with rejoicing as miracles happened everywhere. Parkinson’s disease, kidney failure, psychological disorders, depression and demonic oppressions became history. Hopes were restored and the faith of the brethren increased; it was a new dimension for all those present.

Yola will never remain the same again as news of God’s goodness spread throughout the state, inspiring and encouraging many to believe in the name above every other name- the name Jesus. This and much more will herald the spread of stories on how Cities, towns, states and countries were won for Jesus and Christ Embassy will definitely be the name on everyone’s lips.