Walk in Light of God’s Word to Overcome Hatred and Jealousy


In a Q&A session with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, one of the followers asked, “How can one get rid of hatred, anger, self-will, covetousness, bitterness?”

In the wake of the question asked, Pastor Chris suggested different effective ways to tackle with such negative emotions.

He says, “Because you can pray about such emotions, nothing will change, as God did not tell us to pray about hatred prevailing in our lives. He says, “Put them off”.

Many people find it difficult to put such malice from their lives. If one has hatred, anger, self-will, bitterness, jealously, and pride in one’s heart, such will emotions will never fade away because God tells His children to put them off.

Now, you might be thinking, “I can’t do it”, as this an allegation against God. You perceive that Jesus is saying you to do something you could not do. Pastor Chris says, “You can, if you will. Jesus has given you a new kind of life. When you born again, you born with the nature of God in your heart, that’s mean you have the life of God in you. You are a new creation, a new person”.

He further adds, “As a Christian, we should renew our minds. Have a new way of thinking. And the most important of all this is, let the love of Christ dominate you”.

When the love of Christ dominates you, you make good decision that favours you and your friends and families in great aspects.

Pastor Chris says, “Imagine this, why would you allow anger in your heart?  Why would you have hatred, hatred is towards someone else. Your self-will is actually self –worship which means you exalt yourself above others and above God’s word. Humility and love will cure these. And there’s covetousness, the Bible says, “If you trust God that He supplies everything that we ever require, we will not walk in covetousness. So walk in God’s word, believing that He gives you all things freely”.

Before being rude or unkind to anyone, ask yourself, “Does it really matter? And you will find the answer, ‘No’, it doesn’t make any difference in your life. Always remember that Jesus Christ is the Lord of your life. He has honoured you, and if He has honoured you, no one can dishonour you.

So don’t get bitter to anyone around you. You are His Child, thus He loves you more than anything in the world does. Be kind, helpful towards others, then only you can see the difference. Glory to God.