UK Experiences Joy Unspeakable at Healing and Miracle Conference

A total of 571 women from different parts of the United Kingdom converged in South East London for a programme held by Christ Embassy Church tagged, ‘Joy Unspeakable Healing and Miracle Conference‘, expecting to receive a special touch from God.

One of the attendees, Pat Brown inspired faith at the programme as she testified of healing from hormonal imbalance and polycystic ovary syndrome and was told she would never have children. She received her healing after Christ Embassy Pastor, Pastor Val Ibeachum ministered to her. She is now a happy mother of two.

Pastor Val Ibeachum, Pastor of Christ Embassy Catford, taught the ladies how to receive a miracle from God. As they began to proclaim God’s word, stirring up their faith, there was an overwhelming outpour of miracles everywhere in the auditorium.

It was a sight to behold as 3 ladies dropped their crutches instantly. Another woman testified of relief from painful arthritis that required splinters for her fingers. A lady, who was scheduled for gallstone surgery, testified that the pain had gone, and she could now eat things she could not eat before. A mother of 3 young children was exultant when she found she could now bend without the paralysing pain in her back. Another testified of healing from diabetes.

Meanwhile at the ongoing June session of the Christ Embassy Healing School programme, the testimonies from the healing ministration of Rev. Chris Oyakhilome won’t stop pouring in.

51-year-old Charity had suffered arthritis resulting in excruciating pain in her knees and ankle joints. She had difficulty moving due to the swelling on her knees, was unable to squat, jump, run and even do her household chores. Her doctor placed her on several medications, with no relief. She came to the Healing School full of faith for divine healing. Charity is now free from arthritis and totally restored.

Nadine, a 53-year-oldwoman, in one year, was involved in two motor vehicle accidents which led to a severe head injury and memory loss. Nadine couldn’t do anything without using her pills but her story changed after she got healed at the Healing school programme.