Thousands Get Inspired after attending the Healing School Programme

Apart from the healing school programme, thousands in 42 countries were inspired to take healing to the nations with the message that works.

A very special edition of the Miracle Faith Seminar held at the Healing School in Lagos, Nigeria. With so many alumni of the Healing School gathered for this extraordinary event, it was truly a time of fellowship, impartation and celebration. Thousands of participants from several viewing centres connected to the program across 42 countries.

The attendees were inspired by the marvellous testimonies of those who were healed at the Healing School. These testifiers recalled their journeys of faith and their lives as ambassadors of the Gospel since their encounter with the anointing.

Precious, one of the benefactors, narrated his ordeal before she came to the healing school.  He suffered from tuberculosis which made life very miserable. The situation looked bleak until he attended the just-concluded Healing School June Session, where he was healed with just one touch of the anointing. All symptoms are gone, and he now enjoys an amazing relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Dominic was healed of a fractured right femur when he came to the Healing School several years ago. His miracle has become a tool for soul winning, as he goes from place to place sharing the good news of healing and salvation in Christ Jesus.

The 3-day program concluded on Sunday, July 24, with a special impartation segment, where all in attendance received a new anointing for impact and they also received free copies of Rev Chris Oyakhilome’s books, Power of Your mind.

Speaking about making an impact and spreading God’s word to many through the life-changing ministry of Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome, many around the world have come into their inheritance in God. Year after year, pastors and ministers from various countries journey to meet with the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, to receive divine inspiration and impartation that would transform their lives forever.

One of such ministers is Pastor Marvin Linares of Roca Fuerte Ministries in Denver, Colorado, USA. Having resolved to impact his city with the life-changing teachings of Pastor Chris, Pastor Marvin is making a great impact in spreading the BLW message across Colorado and beyond.

He reaches hundreds of thousands of people daily with a radio broadcast of Rhapsody of Realities on Roca Fuerte FM. He also organises Ministers’ Forums and Discipleship training programmes where he teaches ministers, using ministry materials from BLW such as the Rhapsody of Realities Topical Compendium, Power of the Mind, and video messages by the Man of God, Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome.

In his own words, Pastor Marvin says, “I am grateful to God and Pastor Chris for this exceptional opportunity to impact Colorado with the Gospel.”