The Role of A Christian Minister


Christian ministers put a lot of effort and energy to bring the people to the righteous path shown by Jesus Christ. Apart from praying with them, these ambassadors of God help and guide Christians on their journey through faith.  A minister equips himself regularly so that they are ever ready to tackle whatever confrontation they face and are able to proffer life saving and wisdom –filled, scripture -based solutions to problems.

Here are some of the vital elements for developing the faith of new believers.

Keeping in touch with other believers

“Follow-up” is the process of helping a new believer grow his/her faith. Introduction of the new believers to other Christians is another part of the follow-up.  Other Christians encourage and support them in this new phase of their life.  They invite new believers to come to their bible study or churches. New believers can make friends, hear different perspectives and learn from others.


It is very important for Christians to pray for new believers, trusting God to work in their lives. The Bible lets us know that Jesus Christ also prayed for His disciples. Praying with the new believers shows that the Christian minister cares for them even as he fulfils his obligation.

Building a loving relationship

Ministers share different experiences from their lives, apart from teaching divine and spiritual things. It is beneficial for ministers, to be open and honest about bad and good experiences in their life. Ministers also show converts that it could be fun being a Christian isn’t characterised by living a dull and boring life. They also engage in activities that are fun and edifying at the same time without deviating from the sole focus; Jesus Christ. Spending time together, breaks down barriers and allows one open up freely without any inkling of guilt, shame or inferiority complex.


As a minister, you should teach believers how to study the Word of God. The Bible is the manuscript of every Christian therefore it should be treated as topmost priority. Without the Word of God, we have no basis to function as Christians. It is life and Spirit.

Groom others

Just as Jesus Christ trained His disciples who started the early church, the trend should continue. Jesus Christ gave the great commission that every believer must obey. It is our responsibility as Children of God to preach the Gospel and raise more disciples in the world.

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