The Joy of Motherhood Restored at the Healing School


“Wherever he went, in Villages, cities or the countryside, they brought the sick out to the marketplaces. They begged Him to let the sick at least touch the fringe of His robe and all who touched Him were healed”. Mark 6:56

Just as the days of Jesus, the awesome healing power of God is still being made available by the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God at work in us sets us above principalities and powers, infirmities and afflictions and every other fiery dart of the enemy.


By the power of the Holy Ghost at work in the Man of God, Rev Chris Oyakhilome, 34-year- old Onicah received her miracle at the just concluded summer session of the Healing School Programme in Toronto Canada.

Onicah wanted to have that feel of being a mother, and she longed to raise a baby of her own. But her aspirations were dashed as every attempt to get pregnant was unsuccessful. She suffered 6 miscarriages since she got married and this brought her so much sorrow. All medical procedures done were to no avail. Then, she heard about the Healing School and with great faith for her healing she came for her miracle. Now a joyful mother, Onicah shares her beautiful story with her family of how God delivered her from childlessness.

The devil struck and Onicah found refuge in Christ. She surrendered her all to God making Him her alpha and Omega and with compassion through Rev Chris Oyakhilome, mercy spoke on her behalf and today she is a proud mother.

Many heartwarming testimonies such as this have amounted from the Healing School.  Like Onica several have testified and many are still testifying of God’s goodness in their lives. The blind regaining their sight, the lame walking, the deaf hearing and the dead rising even finances are restored.

Rev Chris Oyakhilome an instrument of God has taken the healing power of Jesus to major countries and has raised ambassadors worldwide who with the same anointing imparted in them go about performing miracles in the name of Jesus.