The InnerCity Mission’s Child Health & Nutrition Programme Ensures Children’s Overall Development


The InnerCity Mission is dedicated towards changing fate of indigent children through well-thought developmental programs. Its programs aim at improving the quality of the living standards of children who are deprived of education, basic health facilities and other such amenities needed to lead a normal life.

In this article, we have rounded up a few programs that are being run by InnerCity Mission to make the world a better place for children who are not fortunate enough.

School Health Program

The program is meant to promote the physical, mental and social well-being of children within a school setting in order to provide them a suitable environment to grow in all aspects. The InnerCity mission organizes a number of events such as Medi-Fairs, Healthy Hands Clubs in order to provide health education, and distribute essential items such sanitary packs and other such important items among the students.

School Development Projects

These projects are dedicated towards building such a school environment that can help pupils learn through the provision of basic amenities and facilities. The pupils are provided with basic facilities like classrooms, toilets, boreholes, hand wash stations, and other such amenities.

School Feeding Program

This program is meant to provide students with healthy eating patterns so they can achieve their full academic potential, full physical and mental growth. Under the program, pupils are provided one meal a day, and in some cases, breakfast, lunch and a take-home dinner is also arranged.

The InnerCity Mission Food Bank & Food Drives

The InnerCity Mission Food Bank aims at promoting food security amongst the poor and indigent children. On the other hand, the Food Drive is an initiative meant to collect bulk supplies of food to stock the Food Bank in order to maintain availability of food. In this manner, InnerCity Mission provides food to families who are unable to meet their daily bread.

You can also contribute…

A little endeavour from your end can make difference, thereby improving living standards of people who are way behind to get along with the mainstream society.

You can collaborate with The InnerCity Mission to feed hungry children and poor families by:

  • Arranging a food drive/online virtual Food drive on behalf of the InnerCity Mission.
  • Becoming a food partner by sending food supplies to the InnerCity Mission Food Bank

Along with this, you can sponsor the InnerCity Mission Food Bank Building Project and InnerCity Mission Food Kitchen Construction Project to provide meals to the needy people.