The Innercity Mission

Still, on the dire straits of children living in poverty, you will agree that children raised in the families with lower income are disadvantaged in numerous aspects in comparison with those from economically well-established families.

Studies have demonstrated that children from families, which can be classified as poor, have lower birth weight, higher risk of infant mortality.

An economically disadvantaged environment influences children negatively as children from those environments are frequently diagnosed with behavioural disorders. If they are lucky to have an education, they end up with health issues as well.

This was the case of  a boy born into a poor family in Otumara, lagos, a slum community where residents live in wooden shacks.
The boy  was suffering from kwashiorkor and was left to the mercy of his mother (name withheld), his only hope of staying alive.  His mother, a widow with four kids who strives to make ends meet gives him home made remedies to ease the pain because she can’t afford proper healthcare.

The boy was about to become one of the millions of children who die untimely due to poverty until the InnerCity of Christ Embassy intervened. It was in one of their many outings that this family was discovered and the ministry came to their rescue.

In a quest to save the life of this young boy and his family, partners of the InnerCity Mission, the child was rushed to the hospital and underwent 3 weeks of intensive care in a teaching hospital.

Fully recovered, on the next visit, he was full of life and couldn’t stop playing with excitement, sharing the fun with the Innercity missionaries who went to pay them a visit.

This and more has been the story of countless people who have felt a touch from the InnerCity mission of Christ Embassy. A faith-based NGO founded by the president of Believers’ LoveWorld Inc, Rev Chris Oyakhilome PhD.

His love and compassion for children and his driving need to see them off the streets and free from poverty gave birth to this noble NGO. As a result of this noble act, children are given free shelter, feeding and accommodation. They have a reason to smile again.