The InnerCity Mission of Christ Embassy -Keeping The Hopes of the Indigent Child Alive


It’s sad to hear children say there is no hope for them. The little ones in our society are often times left alone in the dark and with no one to come to their aid, they are left to face life’s harsh conditions and in turn out to become a problem to the society.

Some of these children are seen in refuse dumps, roadside drainages, shacks and sometimes areas that are life threatening. This was the case of Oliver, Amina and Kemi .

As they walked the streets, their faces covered in dirt, dressed in tattered clothes  and unsure of where and when their next meal would come from, they face the pain of neglect and starvation.

Like these kids, many indigent children live in extreme poverty,  lacking the basic things  needed to survive. This impoverished state affects their spiritual, emotional and physical well-being and many are denied the choice of  a better life.

–   Did you know that almost half of the children in the world (1 billion) live in poverty and 22,000 die daily as a result of this?

What about the other children who have to face untold hardship daily? Most of these children if not identified and rescued, will be consigned to a life of perpetual underachievement and many may grow to become menaces to the society.

Therefore, we all have a responsibility to ensure the children in our communities thrive and become good citizens contributing positively to the society. Like the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Dsc, DD said, “…every child is your child.“. We need to take a stand  and help make a difference in the lives of these indigent children.

Your partnership with the InnerCity Mission can help provide food, clothes, healthcare and education and so much more for one or more children in the inner city communities.

We need to keep the hopes of these children alive by playing our role in ensuring they grow to their full potential in life.