The InnerCity Mission of Christ Embassy- Committed to Building Generation Next


According to statistics, poverty kills one child every 3 seconds. If truly this is correct, then there is need to take action quickly to change the status quo.
Children are usually the primary victims of poverty. Take, for instance, 9-year-old Chioma; gifted with a melodious voice and dreams of being a music minister with a difference. She has no parents, no means of survival, and begs for alms just to survive; her dreams seem so distant.

“INDIGENT” – A word that classifies the poor, needy, destitute, has now become the description of many children in our society today. The children in our society are said to be the leaders of tomorrow. But, how can they lead us and take good care of our society if they are uneducated, neglected and stricken by poverty?

Rev Chris Oyakhilome the founder of this NGO has not only put in place the innercity mission but makes sure the organisation stays true to its name. He continually strives to imprint the fact in the hearts of everyone he reaches out to that “EVERY CHILD IS YOUR CHILD”. He further lets everyone know that a future secure can only become a reality if the children of today are given proper care and given a solid foundation in life. For this cause, this faith-based NGO was birthed and so far they have reached out to children and families who are victims of poverty.

You may ask, “Why must we help them?”. Well, the answer is quite clear and simple;

  1. Children really cannot help themselves and we who have gone ahead of them must give them a helping hand. We must give them the opportunity to fulfil their dreams. We must teach them love by helping them build their world.
  2. To secure the future of these children is to secure our own future. We cannot expect to live peacefully in the society when we have not taken care of children who if not helped today could someday unleash their wrath on a society which they feel deprived them of the right to live.
  3. And lastly, we must help them because every child is our child. This means every indigent child out there is our responsibility. We must be the answer to their cries. We must be the solution to their problems.

With combined effort from Rev Chris and the esteemed partners of the InnerCity Mission, a lot has been accomplished and is still being achieved.  Because of them, many indigent children have been given a reason to smile again. Because of their support, many indigent children are now set on a course of greatness.

With your partnership today the InnerCity can reach out to more children and families in distress. Be a part of the InnerCity and secure your future today. “Remember, every child is your child” – Rev Chris Oyakhilome.