The Innercity Mission of Christ Embassy Brings Solace to Indigent Families

The family functioning is determined by family structure, level of societal development, cultural background and by social – economic status of a family. The effect of poverty on an individual is undeniable, thus both in past and in present it has been a subject of numerous studies. However, it may look surprising that not much attention in research is given on the influence of life on the plight of poverty-stricken families as a whole.

Studies have shown that the long-termeconomic stress leads often to less effective parenting. The studies also indicate that parents apply coercive and punitive parenting styles more frequently. Corporal punishments are frequently used, opposed to negotiations and argumentations.  In addition, a higher risk of violence against a partner, a development of various addictions or a criminal behaviour is found among parents living in a long-term poverty.

Children raised in the families with lower income are disadvantaged in numerous aspects in comparison with those from economically well established families and research shows that those children are more frequently diagnosed with behavioural disorders than kids raised in families with higher income. When children are forced to live under harsh conditions, they tend to turn to what may seem as the easiest and fastest route of escape. Not being able to make the right decisions on their own, children are often seen trafficking, stealing or getting involved in other social vices that are a threat to humanity.

On a quest to save the lives of children across the world, Rev Chris Oyakhilome launched the InnerCity mission and initiated a programme that supports indigent families as well as children.

Through this faith based NGO, families without any support receive aid and their children are given access to free education, feeding and in most cases shelter.

Several families have benefitted from this mission and Rev Chris Oyakhilome and his partners tirelessly strives to make sure the institution runs smoothly ensuring that many are catered to. With initiatives such as this, one can agree that there is hope after all and one day these families will rise up to raise their children the proper way.