The InnerCity Mission Gives Indigent Children and Families a Reason to Celebrate

The festive season around the world, especially in Nigeria, is one that is highly anticipated and celebrated by individuals. Amidst economic situations staring everyone in the face, people still find a way of celebrating no matter what.

These times are marked with good or bad memories for some. For those who have a reason to celebrate, they do it at whatever cost and for those who don’t, the reason may not be far fetched. For Instance, the easter period that marks the significant death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ is observed by many worldwide but when poverty looms in families, the act of celebration becomes a forgotten necessity.


Easter is an important time of the year to celebrate the love of God for mankind and when certain people are clouded or overwhelmed with pressing financial issues, the story changes.

In order to put smiles on the faces of those faced with one challenge or the other, this year, partners of the InnerCity Mission demonstrated God’s love by organising a fun Easter Family Fiesta for their Family Support Program beneficiaries, spouses, children and friends.


As a tradition, the event began with a bible study class for different categories {children, teens and adults}. This was to ensure they hear the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus and receive salvation, particularly for the new beneficiaries.


As the event proceeded, it featured series of family fun activities such as; dance competitions, sack race, and activities for children such as; face painting, bouncing castle, and much more. There was an overflow of drinks and sumptuous meals to keep the vibe.


At the end of the event, each family took home food supplies to prepare sumptuous meals at home for the rest of the holiday. Indeed this Easter would be one they wouldn’t forget in a hurry.