The Healing School Session in Toronto Begins with Testimonies

The service began with the choir leading the congregation in worship. Faces lit up with joy, and hands were lifted high in thanksgiving, as the attendees expressed their love and gratitude to God for one more opportunity to fellowship with Him.

As thousands from Canada and several other countries convene for this epoch-making event, the atmosphere is already saturated with the anointing. From all walks of life and from various cultural backgrounds, all have come with a desire to be touched by God’s healing power.

The arena was charged with the anointing and God’s love, compassion and His earnest desire to liberate are evident. Those in line for their miracles were comforted by God’s Spirit; knowing that this is their set time to receive all that God has planned for them.

Seated and ready for the impartation of the Spirit of God, students, partners and other invited guests of the Healing School divulged their expectations for a truly glorious time in God’s presence.

Many students from around the world were taught God’s Word to build their faith ahead of the first healing service with the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Cancers, infections, paralysis and other bodily malfunctions bowed to the name of Jesus as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome functioned in a unique healing ministry that has transformed the lives of millions around the world. The students that walked into the Healing School two weeks ago were not the same individuals as God’s Word transformed them.

Also in order to build the faith of the participants, former students of the Healing School, who radiated excellent health and grace of God, took the stage to share their breath-taking testimonies. It was so inspiring, and many had their faith increased as they listened to the inspiring accounts.

14-year-old Jessica Scott was one of the many who came to the Healing School with great hope for a miracle. She had suffered for 8 years from lupus vulgaris, a medical condition that caused adverse reactions like fatigue, swollen joints and blood in her urine. Today, Jessica has a different life’s story as she has been completely healed by the power of God!

Another was Xiomara Merida was completely made whole by the power of God! For years, her life had been off balance because she suffered from epilepsy. Recounting her awesome experience, she testified, “When Pastor Chris got to me, I felt something in me that I’ve never felt before. I knew I had received my healing totally!”

For 30-year-old Adubea Osei, coming to the Healing School was a life- changing decision. For 5 years, she had been unable to have children as a result of endometriosis. At the Healing School, she received a miracle after the man of God, Pastor Chris, ministered to her. She was all smiles as she came up to the stage with her baby girl in her arms.

Several reports have been given about the Healing ministry of Rev Chris Oyakhilome. With many uncertain about the truth in the miraculous events, these ones and much more are living proof that miracles exist and that the power of God is real at Christ Embassy Healing School.