The Healing School of Christ Embassy

Countless testimonies keep pouring in from the ongoing summer session of the Christ Embassy healing school programme.

It has been a time of celebration and rejoicing as many experienced the healing power of God, through his anointed servant, Rev Chris Oyakhilome.

One of the participants who benefitted from this meeting is 53-year-old Nadine who was filled with frustration and pain. In one year, she was involved in two motor vehicle accidents which led to a severe head injury and memory loss. Nadine couldn’t do anything without using her pills. Of course, the story changed after she encountered the awesome power of God in the atmosphere as the man of God, Rev Chris Oyakhilome laid hands on her.

Mulu was not left out after she was involved in a major vehicle accident which resulted in chronic neck and back pain. The days and weeks that followed were traumatic for her because she could neither sit nor lie down due to the pain she felt. Moving her hands and climbing the stairs became an ordeal. Her predicament made her depressed and very angry, but she turned her faith to God; the only One that can make her completely whole. Mulu came to the Healing School and was ministered to by the man of God, Pastor Chris; she received her healing instantly by the power of God and now she is absolutely transformed.

Finally, 55-year old Sophie who lived a normal life one day developed a sharp pain on her left side and she had difficulty breathing. She went to the hospital for a checkup and the doctor diagnosed her with pulmonary embolism.

Sophie was placed on medication for this condition, which she would have to take for the rest of her life. Also, she was advised not to sit for more than 5 hours, as that would put her at risk of developing a heart attack or even death.

Believing in the power of God for a miracle, Sophie embarked on a journey of faith to the Healing School. Now, she is absolutely healed and restored to a normal life.

This is indeed proof to show that the power of God is present at the healing school.

Through God’s anointed, Rev Chris Oyakhilome, many have experienced the awesome healing and life changing power of God. Listening to the testimonies of past participants of the healing school and witnessing the miraculous events builds up the faith of many, encourages them and gives them a sense of hope.