The Healing School of Christ Embassy Organises Online Conferences for Medical Personnels


The Healing School of Christ Embassy has helped individuals with life-threating diseases and disorders, to receive miraculous healings at the hands of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. The Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome carries out these healing services with the power of God manifested in him.

His healing ministry organises different healing sessions and online conferences across the world. Recent online conferences that were held by the healing school are discussed briefly in this post.

Online Conference of Volunteer Medical Corps

Doctors and medical personnel from over 30 countries gathered for the inaugural conference of the volunteer conference of the Volunteer Medical Corps. The global conference included talk shows such as ‘Medical Emergencies–Medical Preparedness for Ministry Programs’. It also included talk shows like “Medical Missions – Responding to Humanitarian Crisis and Regions of Disaster with Medicine and the Gospel”.

Senior executive officer of the VMC, Pastor (Dr) Jumoke Akisanya in her opening statement said, “It is our global mandate to provide prompt medical services to people who are in dire need in crisis regions all over the world”.

The healing school of Christ Embassy started a unique initiative known as “Volunteer Medical Corps (VMC)”. VMC consists of a very strong network of Christian doctors, nurses and paramedics.  These doctors and nurses are dedicated to providing effective healthcare-based relief work to Christian communities and disaster areas. Volunteers with medical experience spread love and compassion to the unhealthy, sick, and injured individuals. To do so, they reach out to victims of terrorist attacks, hospitals and disaster areas across the world.

Global Youth Leadership Forum Online Conference

Pastor Lanre Alabi recently delivered a speech on “Influence your world as a youth leader” at global youth leadership forum online conference. Through his words, he cited that a leader has the responsibility to lead, bless and teach others on the way to success. He further expounded that a young leader should first build personal excellence and then they influences others to aspire their inspiration. During his speech, he highlighted the attributes of good leaders and inspired a large number of people to think, act and talk like Jesus Christ.

By clearing doubt and providing proper answers to some of the questions raised by viewers from different parts of the world, he led many youths to Christ. Youths from more than 150 countries viewed the entire conference online and their life has changed forever after listening to the explanations of holy biblical gospels.

Pastor Lanre Alabi

Pastor Lanre Alabi is the Zonal director of Christ Embassy and the chief operating officer of “Christ Embassy”. On the 27th of June 2016, he was invited by the man of God, Dr Chris Oyakhilome PhD to attend a spiritual meeting known as “Men’s Rally.” This spiritual event is rare and is held once in ten years and relates to a legendary programme where spiritual giants are raised.