The Benefits of Prayer


Prayer is an act that seeks to activate a connection with an object of worship through thoughtful communication. It’s a religious practice and can take place in private and public places. In Christianity, prayer is very vital. Among others, it is the foremost or primary way through which we communicate with God and vice versa. Through prayer we are able to have a personal one on one relationship with the Father. The power and benefits of prayer cannot be over emphasized.

When you pray, you get a special kind of empowerment. Things are revealed to you when you pray. As you maintain a steady prayer life, your growth increases exponentially and God speaks to you more. You can achieve a lot through prayer as God gives you directions on how to attain your life goals. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to kneel all the time, even in our daily activities you can still talk to God. He is ever ready and ever longing for you to talk, walk and work with Him.

Prayer Network of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

President and founder of Believers LoveWorld, Rev Chris Oyakhilome, who knows the importance and benefit of prayer has set up a prayer network around the world that connects everyone in a special time of prayer.

You can connect with his Prayer Network on Yookos platform, Kingschat app or LoveWorld News, as per your convenience and ease.

All the followers of the prayer network are guided in succinct prayer points, to pray with Pastor Chris. Also, he instructs his followers to pray on specific issues. Prayer Network of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has covered a large number of issues in the most consistent manner.

His Global Prayer Network has gained more than 40 million dedicated viewers who are spread over the length and breadth of the world. Individuals, who don’t have access to television, connect with Rev Chris’s prayer network through mobile applications and internet.