The Benefit of Partnering with God

It is often said that churches today do nothing but extort money from gullible members. Well this may be true in some religious institutions but the case is different in a ministry that teaches and with proof has shown that it pays to give to God- that ministry is none other than Christ embassy church.

This church is known for its precepts on giving as many have testified of the impact of following this bible based instruction.

Giving is not only subjected to tithes and offerings but it also involves sowing into the lives of individuals regardless of who they are of if they are in need of it.

Christ Embassy has ministry arms which her members partner with to ensure the easy propagation of the message of Christ around the world. From the Healing School, to Rhapsody of Realities, InnerCity mission and so on, the testimonies that pour in as a result of the partnership are incredible.

11 year old Tessy Simeon testified of how her life has changed ever since she got enrolled at the InnerCity Mission.

“Before I came to this school, my mum was not able to feed us or send us to school because our dad had died and she did not have money to take care of us. It was a painful thing that all of us – my siblings and I – were unable to go to school.

One day, field workers from The InnerCity Mission came to our house and my hope of going to school was rekindled. They told my mum that they wanted us to come to school and they brought us to the InnerCity Mission Nursery and Primary School. My siblings and I were very happy.

The InnerCity Mission Nursery/Primary School has helped me and my family a great deal… Quality education; breakfast, lunch and take-home dinner; uniforms; and learning materials – All Free! When I came, I did not know how to read, write or even speak good English. But now I can read, Write and speak good English.

Participating in school events has really helped me. One of such events is the Election of new school prefects. Now I know about campaigns and elections; what they mean and how they are organized. Also, events like the Accolade assembly, Christmas carols, chapel, and cell meetings have helped me become a better child with a great future. Participating in cell meetings and chapel services has exposed me to more of God’s word.

I LOVE SPORTS!!! Sports give me pleasure and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be able to engage in several sporting activities here at The InnerCity Mission School!”

This is a testimony of one of the many children who are benefitting from this programme and all this is because of the Man of God, Rev Chris Oyakhilome and his esteemed partners.

Another remarkable event is that of celebrity gospel singer Buchi who God saved from kidnapers through a little child.

His love for children and his partnership with the InnerCity mission gave him a testimony he will never stop sharing.

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