Testimonies Evolve At Miracle Faith Seminar In Christ Embassy Zambia

Just as in the days of Jesus who went about doing good and His disciples who followed suit, pastors of Christ Embassy who have been well trained and equipped for the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus have made a tremendous impact in the lives of those dwelling in Zambia.


The people of Lusaka, Zambia received a special visitation from the 19th to 21st of August, when the Miracle Faith Seminar took place. Hundreds of people converged at the Christ Embassy Lusaka church premises each day of the program, and every participant was eager to receive words with which they would chart the course of their lives. They were also attendees via live stream from the Ndola, Kitwe, Mufulira and Solwezi.

Past students of the Healing School shared their outstanding testimonies, and inspired faith in the congregation as they recalled their personal experiences with the anointing while at the Healing School; Albertina was healed of heart failure, arthritis and hypertension; Njavwa was completely transformed after having suffered from schizophrenia & fibroid; while Audrey testified of how 10 years of spiritual torment came to an end. Each testimony had one thing in common, they were all healed by the hand of God.


Pastor Brian Chibesa & Pastor Mighty Zunga ministered the Word of God to the congregants during the program. They exhorted the attendees on faith to receive and dominion over sickness and disease. There was such an outpouring of the Spirit of God, and diverse miracles were wrought by the  power of the Holy Spirit.

Amongst many of the miracles recorded during the program was that of Mercy, who was healed of a spinal injury she sustained from an accident at work.


Another was Martin, who had been suffering from a severe back pain for 3 years, was able to bend without any difficulty after he was ministered to during the program through a word of knowledge and the laying on of hands.

It was refreshing to see souls come out to accept salvation in Christ when the altar call was made. It was indeed a great harvest of souls for the kingdom of God.