Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Teachings

The anointed ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome encompasses poignant teachings astutely drawn from the Scriptures. They are made to make the timeless Word of God come alive in contemporary situations, uplift the faith of the hearer and make them excited about the divine destiny ahead of them. The renowned Dr. of Divinity teaches on a broad range of topics challenging the listener to shift their focus on the Solution Giver rather than their problems. He desires to help believers realize the richness of their heritage in Jesus Christ. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s teachings, delivered from a variety of platforms and venues around the world, are a huge inspiration to anyone who listens.

A most transforming message by the man of God is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s preaching on faith. His exposition of James 2:26 which says: For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also, reveals the scriptures as God intended. From this verse, the pastor exhorts Christians to be active and not passive in their faith. If you have prayed for something, for instance, and believe what the Bible says in John 16:24 ( ask, and ye shall receive), you should act like you have received it already. Don’t be tempted into discouragement by the circumstances around you. Your actions may seem foolish to those around you and some may try to stop you like they did blind Bartimaeus. But you must press on in faith remembering that the same people who tried to shush Bartimaeus later rejoiced with him after he was cured.

If you’re weighed down by guilt or the strain of the daily grind, a teaching by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome you need to internalize is one on living stress free. It is based on Matthew 11:29-30 in which Christ says to Take my yoke upon you…For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. Just the way you prayed in faith and received the gift of salvation, you need to rest in the grace Jesus purchased for you. Pastor Chris puts it this way: The word “Lord” doesn’t only mean boss; it also means bread-provider, protector and caretaker. So when you declare that Jesus is Lord of your life, you’re saying He’s your Bread-provider, Protector, Caretaker and the One who has responsibility over your life. What a liberating perspective!

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