Romanian Ministers Organise Outreach In Bucharest With Rhapsody Of Realities

The number one devotional and evangelistic tool of Christ Embassy, Rhapsody of Realities is known  by millions worldwide for her faith –filled, scripture-based words that transform lives daily. The book authored by Rev Chris Oyakhilome is being translated into 800 languages and counting and has never fallen short of expectation.


Bucharest, the largest city in Romania, and also the country’s cultural and industrial centre, witnessed the power of God’s Spirit as members of the Strategic Partnering Ministries’ Alliance (SPMI) organised various soul-winning campaigns.

Having received an impartation of the Spirit at the Ministers’ Visitation Program with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, ministers from Romania, led by Pastor Razvan Mihailescu, organised various outreach campaigns, ministering to different people as was required. These outreaches were organised in prisons, hospitals and on the streets, as well as special ministers’ forums. The ministers shared the Word of God with as many as would listen, and also distributed several copies of Rhapsody of Realities to all.


The consequence of these evangelical campaigns was indeed tremendous; hope was restored, several souls received salvation, many were impacted and refreshed by the Word, and several others received their healing.


One of the ministers boldly ministered to a cancer patient in one of the hospitals. During the prison outreach, 42 inmates received salvation and many received healing in their bodies by the power of God.

Reports of exploits like this being done with Rhapsody of Realities are being given daily and many countries have been affected by this life guide. Like other countries, the Word of God is growing and prevailing mightily in Romania, and indeed, the nation will never remain the same again.