Rhapsody of Realities Spreads to the Fiji Islands

The numero uno book of Christ Embassy Church, Rhapsody of Realities also known as the messenger angel, is now in the heart of the Fiji Islands.

The Translators’ Network International Conference in Fiji was the first of its kind in the beautiful islands. Often called ‘the happiest country of the world’, Fiji got an infusion of true joy in Christ Jesus as many were taught to garner the immense benefits of the Messenger Angel.

The conference, hosted by the Zonal Director and partners of the Accra-Ghana Zone, had several ministers in Fiji, community leaders, partners, translators and beneficiaries of Rhapsody of Realities all across the islands present. It was an awesome program, with all of the ministers and community leaders signing up as both distributors and partners of Rhapsody of Realities.

Pastor Semiti Kaisau of CE Cuvu, Fiji Islands, and a team leader in the TNI, shared the impact of the devotional in his personal life and how, through the Messenger Angel, the whole of Fiji is being reached with the life-changing message in their own dialects.

Just as the scripture says in Acts 19:20, God’s word is fast spreading across the nations of the world and has come to stay.

Christ Embassy has taken the mandate of spreading God’s word by all means across the world and its immense impact is seen everyday. The Fiji island is definitely not going to be left out as the messanger angel, Rhapsody of Realities brings fresh doses of God’s Word and lays it in the hearts of men.

Transforming them for the better and giving their lives a meaning.