Rhapsody of Realities Brings Hope During National Crisis in Venezuela

Most Venezuelans have been in an awful situation for quite some time. The country just came out of a period of electricity rationing that has been in effect since last April, during which rolling blackouts were common. In May, the country declared a state of emergency as inflation hit 180 percent, supermarket shelves emptied out, and food shortages became rampant. With the ongoing economic decline in Venezuela, many have lost hope and optimism as the future looks rather uncertain to them.

Rhapsody of Realities came to the rescue of many Venezuelans received free copies of the messenger angel at a recently organised ReachOut Venezuela campaign. The campaign came at a time when food scarcity had become a major problem , bringing the much-needed solution encapsulated in God’s Word.

Apostol Delio Machado, who coordinated the partners, expressed his joy at the timeliness of the campaign: “Through ReachOut Venezuela, hope is being restored to the people who are currently in the middle of a national crisis. Thousands have received the devotional with joy. The Kingdom of God has come through the Messenger Angel!”

As the partners distributed copies of the devotional on Monday, August 15, they brought hope and faith to the people. In the city of Tumeremo, they distributed to people at different places such as the iconic Plaza Bolívar, Hotel Quatro and other locations. In Puerto Ordaz, they visited Clinic of Esperanza, where they ministered to several sick people. 25 souls gave their hearts to Christ as a result of the campaign.

The Word of God brings light, life and salvation.The only thing needed to restore the country is the restoration power of the Word of God. Rhapsody of Realities has taken a major step in providing that need and we believe in no time, a new Venezuela, free of economic woes will emerge.