Rhapsody of Realities, a Daily Devotional with a Difference

The most translated and most sought after devotional, Rhapsody of Realities authored by the president and founder of Christ Embassy, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome, has indeed been a life changing book.

This devotional is read by millions from various churches worldwide. The Book fondly called the Messenger Angel has been of immense value to the lives of those who read and follow the bible based instructions it contains.

The book which is published monthly has left nothing short of testimonies of healing, deliverance and breakthrough in various parts of the world. The book which is currently being translated in 800 languages has recorded countless testimonies from many as they study God’s word contained in this amazing book.

For Theresa, who lives in Nigeria, Rhapsody gave her a reason to live. She gave a copy of Rhapsody of Realities to her colleague at work, only to discover at the end of the month that he had planned to commit suicide because his wife asked for a divorce. While studying the devotional, he learnt how to apply God’s Word to his marriage and now, he’s living happily with his wife and has every reason to live and glorify God.

According to Mambo Sylvia, her life has changed because of Rhapsody of Realities. “I bless the name of God for Pastor Chris; I was having some pains on my right hand, as I read one of his messages “Working in Divine Health” I got healed, halleluiah! May my life never remain the same again”.

Vivian Ify from Nigeria was healed of Fibroid after she decided to partner with the free distribution of the devotional.

Since I became a partner with Rhapsody of Realities I have experienced financial blessings and through the confessions of the Word of God in my life I got healed of fibroids and also got married to my desired husband even in my late thirties. I give all glory to God.”

Murielle Tafempa experienced a turnaround in her academics after she came to Ghana to study medicine. Despite her late arrival into the university, she succeeded remarkably because she kept proclaiming God’s word contained in the devotional guide.

John Monyjok Maluth testimony of this book proves that miracles do happen.

When I first saw a copy of Rhapsody of Realities in June, 2010, I loved it! But, there were things I could not just understand. As a theologian, I have been taught, or I taught myself from the Word in my own understanding. But, as I continued to read the book, transformation began without my knowledge. About a year later, I was asked to translate Rhapsody into Dinka Language of South Sudan, and I did! Yet, I could not accept the fact that I cannot get sick! It was until this year when I accepted the truth based on God’s Word, before going for the IPPC 2015. At the TNIC, I met the Man of God face-to-face, and the whole thing changed for me! Yes, miracles are real! I believe in miracles, because I dare to believe in them. I am a living testimony. Yes, I have the life of God in me! Thank you Man of God, Rev. Dr. Chris for opening my understanding of God’s Word. God bless all who listens to you”.

Nonzame from South Africa was healed of High blood pressure after studying the daily devotional, Mambo Sylvia also go healed after reading this same book.

The testimonies that keep pouring in as a result of this book has been phenomenal and we have Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome and his wonderful partners to thank for this.