Rev Chris Oyakhilome – Raising Ambassadors through the Healing School

The Healing School is undoubtedly one the most popular healing ministries in the world today. This ministry arm of Christ Embassy has gained its popularity from the numerous attendees of her healing programmes organised by the Founder and president of Christ Embassy, Rev Chris Oyakhilome.

As a result of the life changing experiences and soul lifting activities that go on in the Healing School, many have seen the evidence of divine transformation in their lives and have become ambassadors of the healing school today.

Many have decided to spread the message of Christ and also minister healing to those in need even as they have been filled with the power of the Holy Spirit as the Man of God, Rev Chris Oyakhilome ministered to them.

They each have their testimonies peculiar to them and they are not afraid to tell the world about it also to bring many to the awesome knowledge of Jesus Christ by organising special outreach programmes of their own.

Healing School Ambassador, Bukelwa Ndleleni, was healed of HIV at the Healing School. Her earnest desire to impact the world with her testimony has produced stellar results in many respects.

On Friday, the 22nd of July, Bukelwa championed an outreach to the elderly at the Luxolo Old Age Home. Armed with the Word of God, she and her missionary team visited the elderly, with glad tidings and the good news of the Gospel.

Also past healing school participants inspired faith at the recently held Miracle Faith Seminar in Christ Embassy Edmonton, Canada.

Mary Sesay, a woman who had lost three children soon after their births due to chronic epilepsy, gave God glory with her miracle baby named Blessing. Despite expert opinions that Blessing would not live longer than three months as a result of frequent seizures, she is a happy and healthy toddler. She was healed after the man of God, Pastor Chris, ministered to her at the Healing School.

Another testifier, Lisa Lai, shared with the congregation how she was gloriously healed of an auto-immune disease, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic muscle inflammation and depression when she attended the 2014 Summer Session of the Healing School in Toronto, Canada.

In most cases after people get healed, they testify and that’s it! But in Christ Embassy this is not so, because not only are they ministered to in prayer, they are also ministered with the ever soul piercing and heart searching word of God that builds their faith, making them not only beneficiaries but also ambassadors with a burning passion to reach the world with this good news.