Recent Seminars & Outreach Programs by the Global Youth Leaders’ Forum


Global Youth Leaders’ Forum (GYLF) is a platform designed by the spirit of God, for grooming and nurturing young people from the globe. Members of the GYLF provide us with direction, vision and purpose in their lives.

Members of the global youth conduct different seminars, outreach programs and conferences, to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every person in the world.

Miracle Faith Seminars in Germany

Miracle Faith Seminars were held by Christ Embassy Bremen, Germany. It was a once-in-a-lifetime transformation opportunity for many people who attended this seminar. The impact of this seminar was estimated to linger in the city of Bremen, Germany, for ages.

During the alter call, a large number of people gave their hearts to Jesus Christ (converted to Christianity and accepted Jesus Christ as their lord). After the alter call, the name of Jesus Christ was exalted in the city of Bremen, Germany.

A powerful message on the life of sovereignty of the believer of Jesus Christ was delivered by the host pastor, Pastor Stanley Chukwu. He ministered to the sick, healing them of different kinds of ailments, by demonstrating the true power of Jesus Christ. At these Miracle Faith Seminars, many testimonies were wrought in Bremen.

Testimonies at Miracle Faith Seminars in Germany

Past students of the healing school of the Christ Embassy inspired faith in the hearts of those present in the seminar. One of the past students of the healing school, Hans Detlef Thielsch was cured miraculously of severe chronic back pain. He pain was caused by insomnia and dislocated disk. He was made free from his pain and illness after the man of God, Pastor Chris, ministered to him, at Healing School Summer Session.

Gabriella Thomas was suffering from spinal cord problems that had a grievous effect on her and her family. She lead a happy life today as she as healed by God through the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, at the healing school.

Youth Outreach on Campus Was Organised by GYLF Member

A member of the global youth leaders’ forum in the UK, Deba Erhabor reached out to the youth in his campus with the gospel of Christ. He has received increased ability and grace. He preached many young people and opened their eyes to see the need for the Gospel of Christ on their campus. Many young individuals converted to Christianity after they were blessed and impacted by the Word of God.