Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Exposes Three Types of Sin

“A people can have sin passed upon them all,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome teaches at Partners’ Conference 2016.

Teaching about three types of sin, Pastor Chris brought to light imputed sin, defining the word ‘impute’ as “taking something that belongs to one and crediting it to the account of another for legal reasons.”


Emphasizing the gravity of this kind of sin, the BLW President said, “When God is mad at a country for their evil works, all those that are part of that country are condemned accordingly.” Pastor Chris used this to call on the brethren to take up their Priestly responsibility in praying for their cities and countries, saying, “If you’re not praying for your country, you’re being negligent!”

He urged the attendees to take God’s side in interceding for your nation in order to absolve it of the judgments that accompany imputed sins from the people’s malevolent works.

About Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, a well-known Nigerian Pastor, teacher, healing minister, and television host and bestselling author has helped millions experience a victorious and purposeful life in the light of God. He is the author of Rhapsody of Realities – a daily devotional and number one Bible-study guide. The book is published in more than 800 languages across the world.

He established Christ Embassy almost 25 years ago, now it has become a widespread network of churches and ministries around the world. The world renowned Healing School is a ministry of Pastor Chris which manifests divine healing works of Jesus Christ today, and has helped many experience healings and miracles through the gifts of the Spirit in operation.

In the year 2003, Pastor Chris pioneered the first 24-hour Christian Network from Africa to the rest of the world, and this has given rise to three satellite stations, the LoveWorld TV in the UK, LoveWorld SAT in South-Africa and LoveWorld PLUS in Nigeria and still counting. Through this medium, millions of people have been received the beautiful message of salvation and many lives have been transformed. These stations are also available on the mobile platform.