Rev Chris Oyakhilome- A Man Showing The Way to Enlightenment

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16 ESV)

When we are in distress, we desire for someone who can listen to our problems, suggest  some solutions so as to overcome them. The only person we can rely on and trust completely during our time of distress is God. He forgives sin and show us  the right path  directing and leading us so we can have a better life.

This helps us stay away from sin thereby giving us hope as we study God’s Word. In an quest to spread God’s invaluable words among His children across the world, Rev Chris Oyakhilome, an anointed Man of God has established Believers’ Love World, also known as Christ Embassy International in Nigeria  to achieve this goal.

Christ Embassy, Nigeria- A Global Network of Churches

When founded, Christ Embassy was a single church. Over the years this ministry has become a network of churches and campus fellowships covering five continents. The entire network is working towards improving people’s lives by setting them free from their sin and leading them to a fruitful relation with God.

Rev Chris Oyakhilome – A Man of God

Rev Chris Oyakhilome runs a number of programs in order to make people feel the power of the Holy Spirit and the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives. His aim is to set people free from physical and spiritual challenges, so they can live life with great hopes and fulfill their purpose on the earth.

The leader of one of the largest congregations, Rev Chris Oyakhilome receives lots of love and respect from attendees for giving meaning to their lives through his teachings. There are also regular global communion services where millions of followers join for a Sunday Service to get inspired and motivated.

Healing School- A Place Where Miracles Happen

The Healing School Session is one of the most awaited programs conducted by Rev Chris Oyakhilome. This is the place where the power of God moves into the lives of His children and miracles are experienced. Here people with all sorts of ailments and psychological problems are healed as the Man of God ministers to them. This  event  receives millions of attendees across the world.

To sum up, it would be right to say that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is working towards the improvement of mankind.