November – Your Month of Moving Forward…!


The November 2016 Global Communion Service was a delightful testament as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome declared November ‘The Month of Moving Forward. During the meeting, quite a few testimonies of spreading through the Miracle Healing and Impartation Services and other outreaches were featured with a message of Increased Grace.

As the congregants worshipped and had been reminded of the Word at work in October 2016, faith rose in their hearts.

Before the Man Of God declared November to be ‘The Month of Moving Forward’, he said, “Tears are over; defeat will never come again. Success has come. Victory has come,”

“[God] is asking me to tell you to go forward in your life; have no fear,” Pastor announces!

After pronouncing inspiring accounts of the Israelites before the Red Sea and Isaac in the land of Gerar, the BLW president – Pastor Chris – declared the Month of November 2016 to be ‘the Month of Moving Forward.

Pastor Chris caused the congregants to stand again with Moses and the children of Israel before an intimidating impossible obstacle, he said “God’s not looking at the sea like there’s a hindrance; it’s nothing to God!”

The global congregation took on God’s unique acumen. Every challenge lost its power in our hearts and minds.

Using Isaac’s story as an example, Pastor enlightened the attendants and said, “Stop seeing the problems; see God who has all the ability.” He spoke prophetically about our (congregants’) lives and said, “In every area of your life, you’re moving forward; nothing can intimidate you!”

To watch the video, please visit Glory to God!

About Pastor Chris

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a globally renowned preacher, teacher and spiritual speaker, concentrated on enriching children of God through His word of inspiration and encouragement. He is the president of Christ Embassy – established about three decades ago in Lagos, Nigeria. Now, it has developed into a global network of churches. Pastor Chris’ ministry runs quite a few arms such as Healing School, Rhapsody of Realities, LoveWorld Books, and an NGO called the InnerCity Missions for Children as well as three Christian television channels including LoveWorld TV, LoveWorld SAT and LoveWorld Plus.