Mozambique and Slovakia Embrace Rhapsody of Realities

In Mozambique, missionaries of Rhapsody of Realities were greeted with excitement from the natives of Chimoio, the capital of Manica Province.

As the missionaries distributed the devotional, everyone rushed for a copy; this was God’s special gift to them, and they were excited to receive it.

The Portuguese-speaking country, with a number of other indigenous languages such as Shona, Changana, Sena, Nyungwe, Barwe, and Citshwa was visited by the missionaries who distributed the Messenger Angel, blessing many.

It was reported that they planned to visit offices and institutions, but could not, because right from their hotel, people had gathered to receive copies of the devotional. Surprisingly,a local who they called to assist them, left everything to follow them.

At Samora Machel Square, many people swarmed the missionaries for copies of Rhapsody of Realities and scores of people gave their hearts to Christ. As one group was being led to Christ, remarkably more people kept coming, giving the team members an exciting time explaining the Gospel to people joining the groups at different times.

Interestingly, Church pastors also joined, some of them requesting for extra copies to give to their church members and more than 500 copies of the Rhapsody of Realities were distributed in that square alone, with more than 100 people giving their hearts to Christ.

In Slovakia, the story was the same as Rhapsody of Realities partners in Slovakia blessed many with the August edition of the bestselling daily devotional in the cities of Trnava, Žilina and Sereď during ReachOut Slovakia.

The cities of Brno and Luhačovice were also privileged to witness the light of God’s Word manifested through the Messenger Angel as many expressed gratitude as they embraced the devotional.

They visited the St. Anna Hospital, where a member of the hospital staff and two other people were led to Christ upon encountering the Messenger Angel. In Žilina, partners blessed a local ministry with copies of the daily devotional. In addition to the distribution of the August edition, they further impacted the region with God’s Word by distributing 1,000 copies of the DVD, ‘Jesus‘, by Pastor Chris.

It has been proven without a doubt that the powerful impact this book has caused in people’s lives has made it one of the most sought after books today. It’s no surprise that everywhere this devotional goes, people rush to get a copy of their own because of how God’s word speaks to them personally even as it is being translated into several languages for easy assimilation.

What more can be said about the noble things that have surfaced from the ministry of Rev. Chris Oyakhilome? He has not only preached the message of salvation to many but has also demonstrated the character of a true Christian by setting up several ministry arms that reach out to people. One of such is the Innercity mission that caters to the needs of Indigent children and families across the world. Through him and many that partner with him, lives are being changed everyday with testimonies arising from different parts of the world.