Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Miracles

There are many reasons you need to attend a session of the Healing School of Christ Embassy which is hosted by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Here you will encounter the presence of God in a tangible way as you listen to heartfelt praise and worship rendered in beautiful music. You will feel your spirit rise and your faith will be strengthened as you listen to the teachings of the man of God proclaimed with sincerity and simplicity. However, the highlight of your time as a student of the Healing School will be to experience firsthand the Pastor Chris Oyakhilome healings you may have only previously heard about. Your life will never be the same when you open your heart and the pastor lays his hands on you. As awesome as that is, even those who aren’t candidates for healing testify that just being in the midst of fellow believers from different countries makes the Healing School a special place

It is a time of great encouragement as you listen to the testimonies of past students of the school who have experienced the power of God in their lives. One of the people who recently testified to receiving a miracle as wrought by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was Kari Kouriletto from Finland. This is a man who had suffered greatly from the symptoms of prostate cancer to the extent that he had trouble bending over. But everything changed when he attended the Healing School in 2012 as Pastor Chris laid hands on him. He now rejoices in complete restoration and is able to go about life like he used to before.

Veronica Paton from Australia had a heart full of expectation when she went to the Healing School and her faith did not go unrewarded. The 39 year-old had a combination of maladies including glioblastoma, hydrocephalus and poor vision that had made her last few months a long nightmare. But there was joy in her voice as she recounted her healing as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome ministered to her: ‘As he blew on me, I fell under the anointing; I got up from there running with my hands lifted in praise to God. I knew beyond any doubt that I have been healed completely, to the glory of God.’