Ministers’ Refresher Course – Enables You Change the World


Renowned Preacher, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is working towards transforming lives through his homiletic teachings of the Gospel. His preaching reveals the importance of God’s presence in their lives. He also encourages youngsters to preach God’s Word, thereby joining him in pursuit of making people around the world realize the truth which is Christ Jesus.

Christ Embassy – a megachurch founded by Pastor Chris – runs a number of courses. The Ministers’ Refresher Course is one of such courses meant to provide insights into different biblical topics.

What Ministers’ Refresher Course is all about?

As a Senior Pastor, your relationship with your ministry is different from that of other executive leaders. Managing structures, people and God’s resources that you are entrusted with, require special and detailed attention and consideration on your end.

The Ministers’ Refresher Course is a program meant to meet your pastoral needs; it’s an opportunity to take time away from the day-to-day running of your ministry to refresh your pastoral skills, review your vision and calling, update your convictions and to prep you up for greater success in life and ministry.

This is a seven-day course, designed to cater to international and ordained Senior Pastors, Executive Pastors and Ministry Leaders and it features a time of refreshing and impartation with Pastor Chris.

The Ministers’ Refresher Course helps Executive and Senior Pastors to gain insight into the divine ministry, ministry development, the priority of ministry, ministering to the oppressed and ministering the Spirit- so they can have an effective, functional, fulfilled and successful pastoral ministry.

Curriculum of the course is as follows:

The course gives you an opportunity to learn an inspiring perspective towards teachings on Pastoral Leadership Coaching, Mentoring, Gifts of the Spirit, Ministry Gifts, Biblical Financial Principles, Kingdom Finance, Church Administration and Congregation Management and many more.

Available topics for this program include:

  • Faith and Healing
  • The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
  • Understanding the Life of Faith
  • Pastoral Leadership Development

Tuition is free. Students will only require materials to meet all activities on campus schoolwork, term paper and field missionary work.

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