Men of God from Puerto Rico Organise Healing Outreach after Visiting the Healing School

News of the Healing School of Christ Embassy has spread rapidly and many have come from all areas to witness the phenomenal occurrences that have been reported from Christ Embassy’s Healing school.

Following their divine encounter with the man of God, Pastor Chris, at the Healing School Ministers’ Visitation Program, men and women of God all around the world have been inspired to reach out with the message of God’s healing and saving power in their countries by sharing with others all that they have witnessed at the Healing School.

In Puerto Rico, Pastor Edil Rosario organised a special healing outreach for many who were sick and afflicted with diverse kinds of diseases. This meeting was timely orchestrated by the Spirit of God, and many came with expectations for the miraculous.

Rousing sessions of prayer and worship set the tone for this august program. Following this were faith stirring moments as all present watched the life-transforming DVD – ‘Do You Believe in Miracles?’ Afterwards, Pastor Edil ministered to the sick with power in the name of Jesus, transferring the full dose of the healing anointing to everyone present; he commanded the symptoms to disappear, and all illnesses to leave.

It was an avalanche of miracles, as everyone who attended the meeting received healing for their bodies and salvation for their souls; they were completely made whole by the power of God.

Just as the disciples of Jesus Christ walked in the footsteps of their Master, so did the Men of God from other ministries follow suit as they acquired a lot from the Ministers Visitation Programme.

The Healing School of Christ Embassy has not only been a channel through which many receive their healing but it has also become a place where many are inspired to walk in the light of what they have seen at the Healing School.