Many Witness Unprecedented Miracles At Christ Embassy’s Healing School


The healing school of Christ Embassy has become a place where epoch-making events take place. It is a place characterised by an atmosphere electrified by the awesome power of God and many troop in their thousands to sit under that same atmosphere saturated with God’s power as they witness the miraculous events.

As a result of these ground breaking miracles, many have dedicated their lives to Jesus and have also at one point in time encountered the same transforming power of God in their lives. From the just concluded summer session of the Healing School in Canada, testimonies of what God had done through His servant Rev Chris Oyakhilome keeps spreading as those healed by the power of God keep celebrating everywhere they go.

One of such testimonies is that of 42-year old Gustav Zulu all the way from South Africa who had suffered  from poor eyesight.  Because of his condition, he couldn’t read, drive or work effectively and this made him fail his driver’s licence test. When medical experts suggested that he use corrective glasses, Gustav refused on the premise that his eyes would never heal and he would get used to it. Uncomfortable with his diminishing sight, Gustav made his way to the Healing School.

After an awesome time of worship ministrations and declaration of faith- filled words, the Man of God Rev Chris Oyakhilome entered the auditorium with so much power filled with the anointing of the Holy Spirit and began laying hands on the sick. After ministering to Gustav, the anointing was so strong that he fell under the  power and immediately, his visibility was completely restored.

Now, a vibrant Gustav has emerged and he is completely healed, living the life and is able to carry out his daily activities normally without any strain or visual aid.

More testimonies keep springing up the Healing School Summer Session in Canada and are proof that Jesus Christ is still the same, today, yesterday and forever.