Many Receive Their Healing at The Christ Embassy Healing School Programme

The June session of the Christ Embassy Healing School programme has been eventful and has recorded a lot of miracles so far.

Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome, Founder and President of Christ Embassy, organised another healing programme for the sick in Nigeria. The programme witnessed thousands in attendance as many came from different parts of the world, seeking a miracle.

As Rev Chris ministered to the sick, there was an overflow of miracles as people with different conditions got their healing.

Among the many that attended was 41-year-old Godard Lutete Goodman who has suffered chronic back pain with constant pain around his hip and right shoulder after a major dislocation due to a car accident since 1993 in Johannesburg South Africa. He came to the healing school expecting a miracle from God through the man of God, Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome. As the man of God laid hands and blew on him, Godard got his healing.

Another case was that of 21-year-old Aman who was diagnosed with keratoconus for 7 years. He dropped out of school and was unable to get a job as a result of this ailment. Determined to regain his perfect sight, Aman decided to attend the Healing School. He was among the many that received their miracles as Aman can now see perfectly without any aid whatsoever.

Jacintha Sennyah was diagnosed with diabetes as has been battling with this disease until she was declared blind and could no longer move about without help. Jacintha came to the Healing School with faith that God would heal her. With confirmation from her doctors, Jacintha is now totally free from the ailment.

The list goes on and on and one would agree that the Healing school has indeed brought transformation to the lives of many.

Rev Chris Oyakhilome who is passionate about bringing healing to many has affected millions through his healing programmes held across nations of the world. Lives have been restored through his ministrations as countless testimonies have saturated the atmosphere.