Many Experience The Miraculous At Christ Embassy

The ministry of Christ Embassy has known for her Spirit-filled, ground breaking, life changing programmes that are held across the world.

With the leadership of Rev Chris Oyakhilome, many of his followers and leaders under his mentorship organise outreaches worldwide that bring an influx of souls into the Kingdom of God.

Apart from the popularly known crusades held by Rev Chris Oyakhilome, there have been programmes organised by leaders from the highest to the lowest positions that have been on the lips of many as unforgettable.

Recently, the Word of love and salvation truly spread to every man’s world through CE Hounslow’s all-night ‘Total Experience’ event, replete with miracles of healing and restoration, as well as powerful ministrations.

In addition to the hundreds that gathered in the largest venue in the borough of Hounslow, thousands more watched the event as it was streamed on CeFlix throughout the night. It was a landmark occasion, packed with amazing performances, stirring presentations and life-changing teachings, through which those in attendance were imparted by the Spirit.

The room swelled with the move of the Spirit, as dozens were moved to come forward and give their lives to Christ. Some exclaimed as they received their healing when Pastor Bosco of UK Zone 2’s Hounslow Group,  prayed for the congregation. Through the comments and testimonies from viewers on CeFlix, it was clear that the program was a time of transformation.

Now that the Summer session of the Healing School in Canada has commenced, with hundreds in attendance, many  candidates from various countries across Europe, North and Central America, Asia and Africa have registered. Despite having come with diverse health conditions (mental, physical and spiritual), these students have one thing in common: the desire to be healed and made whole.

With the first healing service scheduled to hold on Sunday, August 14, many of the participants at the Summer Session are filled with great expectations for the supernatural. Several have expressed that they are looking forward to this time of visitation.