Many Experience Divine Transformation at the Healing School

Life as God ordained it was meant to be enjoyed. Sickness, diseases and untimely death were never part of His plan. The healing school of Christ Embassy is an opportunity for those seeking divine healing. Those who attend not only receive healing for their bodies but for the wellness and wholeness of their souls as well.

One of the many cases was that of 8-year-old Matthew Machan who was diagnosed with asthma since his birth. Moreover, the doctor said he had allergies and this seriously affected his breathing. Matthew could not eat properly, he could neither go out to play with kids nor focus at school as a result of the ailment. This condition had to be managed at all times as there was no permanent solution. Tired of her son’s distressing state, Matthew’s mum decided to seek divine healing, so she brought her son to the Healing School. Now, Matthew is healed and totally free from asthma and its symptoms.

Another divine encounter was that of 10-year-old Thato who was diagnosed with the juvenile chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a lung disease she was born with. As a result of this condition, she experienced shortness of breath and fatigue. Thato was always lying down because of her low energy. This also affected her life immensely as she could not engage with children of her age in daily activities. It was in that state that her sister brought her to the Healing school.

Thato is now free from any pulmonary disease, she is strong, energetic and has a vibrant life. She is now able to join other children in school and is smiling her way into the future giving thanks to God almighty for healing her through the Man of God, Rev Chris Oyakhilome. Her coming to the healing School of Christ Embassy was not in vain after all. Jesus is indeed the same yesterday, today and forever and is able to do just what He says he will do even more than we can ask or imagine.

Apart from Thato and Mathew, countless testimonies have been recorded from this healing ministry and many have come out to testify of what God has done for them.

The Bible lets us know in Mark 16:17 that these signs shall follow them that believe, for in my name they shall cast out devils………. This is the life of a Christian and Rev Chris Oyakhilome and many who have trained under him are clear examples of what Mark 16:17 says. A Christian has authority over the devil and his cohorts thereby  they are empowered to live a victorious life in Christ Jesus.