Invest in a Child Today


Our attitude towards children matters a lot. Do we neglect them or pay proper attention to their needs and observe their pattern of development. Most people don’t and give one excuse or the other.

It may be challenging as a parent, guardian or even an individual but the fact remains that if we don’t cultivate the habit of taking proper care of these young ones, then we should prepare for the worst in the future.

The Future? Yes, the future because irrespective of what you think or feel, the future lies in the hands of these little ones so the seed you sow matters a lot. What we see today is a result of what was done yesterday and if we don’t rise up to the occasion and take a stand today by having the right attitude we might face the possibility of staring into a bleak future.

The Innercity Mission of Christ Embassy have put up this amazing piece on our attitude towards the indigent child. Be enlightened.

What Is Your Attitude?

Children are everything. They are the past, the present and the future.

Everyone talks about a better future, but what is a better future without investing in children? The children are our future. It may not seem so now because they are not responsible for the major decisions affecting our society, but it’s only a matter of time. After all, every adult was once a child.

Contributing to the lives of children begins with the right attitude. As a parent, do not think only of how to cater for your children, but rather expand your vision to include taking care of children who do not have anyone to care for them.
Do not live only for your biological children or those related to you. Make room for other children who are not connected to you biologically. They may not be able to pay back today but the future will thank and pay you for it.

You may say, “But I do not have children yet.” Beautiful! This is your opportunity to plan for the future. Sow the right seeds for your future children by investing in the lives of indigent children for whom nothing is prepared.

Remember, every child is your child!