International School of Ministry – Imparting Pastors and Ministers


The International School of Ministry(ISM) of Pastor Chris trains thousands of pastors and Christian ministers every year all over the world.

International School of Ministry

The man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (PhD) founded the International School of Ministry in the year 2007, for training minsters of the Gospel of Christ. It gives Ministers and Pastors details and an insightful curriculum of courses and lectures.

ISM establishes the divine truths of God’s word in the minds and hearts of ministers of the Gospel of Christ all over the world, through focused and strategic teaching.

Christian Leadership Program

This is a two week program and tuition for this program is free. Ministers and Pastors get first hand teaching and insightful revelation during lectures with Pastor Chris. This program helps ministers to understand the functioning of the office of the Pastor efficiently.

Some of the topics covered in this program are: Ministry Culture, Ministerial Ethics and Etiquette, Principles for Pastoral Ministry, Leadership Development and Ministers’ Personal Development.

Ministers’ Refresher Course

By attending this seven-day course, pastors can refresh their pastoral skills in the most efficient manner. Tuition fee for this course is free and it is designed for catering the specific pastoral needs of senior pastors, ministry leaders and executive pastors. This course helps pastors to have an effective, functional and successful pastoral ministry.

Some of the topics available for this program are Pastoral Leadership Development, Understanding the Life of Faith, Faith and Healing and The Ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Advanced Pastoral Ministry

This course is ideal for executive & senior pastors of Gospel of Christ, who have already attended the Christian Leadership Program or the Ministers’ Refresher Courses of ISM. Senior Pastors get deeper insights and revelations into how to function more effectively in the office of Pastor. In addition to this, senior Pastors learn how to develop and strengthen internal church administrative structures for better growth and expansion of churches worldwide.

Some of the topics covered are Ministering the Spirit, Pastoral Leadership and Advancing the Gospel through Social Media & Technology.

After the Completion of These Courses and Programs

Certificate of attendance is issued to each minister, after completion of different courses at the ISM. Also, a graduation ceremony is organised for each set of ministers, after they have completed the courses at the ISM. Moreover, ministers are provided with the opportunity to register to become a member of either the ISM Ministers Network (ISMMN) or the ISM Alumni Association (ISMAA), which are after-school communities of the ISM.

2017 International School of Ministry with Pastor Chris

International School of Ministry with Pastor Chris will be organised from 13th March to 6th April, 2017 at Johannesburg, South Africa. For registration, click