International Easter Youth Camp: Inspiring Youths to Spread the Gospel Worldwide


International Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris is a special program that aims to guide the young minds to fulfil their dreams and destiny as per the God’s words. This program continues to influence and inspire young individuals who are filled with a burning passion and desire to spread the gospel to their world.

International Easter Youth Camp 2015

Although thousands of young individuals engage themselves in various deeds in the pursuit of their dreams, however, success and true fulfilment in their life is the direct result of God’s word.

In Johannesburg, South Africa, more than two hundred individuals from over 50 countries gathered for the impartation service to listen to the discourses by the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome at the fourth edition of International Easter Youth Camp 2015. In order to enhance the soundness of the bodies, minds and souls of all the attendees, members of Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporated carefully structured many activities. On the first day, the event was ministered by the BLW Teens’ Ministry Director, Pastor Biodun Lawal. He precisely urged the youths to use every opportunity to propagate the Gospel.

After the event, the youths were delighted and they thanked God for all they had learned in this camp with the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Alyssa Conte’s Testimony about the International Easter Youth Camp

A 14-year girl from the United Kingdom who attended the International Easter Youth Camp was very inspired and influenced by the teaching of Pastor Chris about the gospel. Talking about this event, she said, “Attending the Easter Youth Camp was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was so blessed and inspired by the words I heard at the Camp. I found out that we are a people of vision – a people of prophecy, and we are expected to take the Gospel to the nations of the world”.

International Easter Youth Camp 2016 with Pastor Chris

International Easter Youth Camp 2016 with Pastor Chris took place in Johannesburg, South Africa from the 25th of March – 1st of April, 2016. It was a time of great inspiration and blessings for all the people who attended this event.

Pastor Chris began his teaching sessions by asking the audience the following questions, -”What is salvation? Who needs it and why? What is the gospel of Christ? How relevant is Christ’s message today? What is your role?

Pastor Chris unveiled truths of the Gospel to all the attendees and explained to them that unless they understand the answers to these questions, they cannot preach the gospel effectively.

International Easter Youth Camp April 2017 with Pastor Chris

You can register on to participate in the International Easter Youth Camp with Paster Chris that is scheduled to be held from 13th to 20th April 2017 in Johannesburg, South Africa.