InnerCity Mission Nursery & Primary School – Saving Lives through Education


According to UNICEF, approximately 57 million children of primary school age are not in school and about 28.5 million out of this statistics are in Sub-Saharan Africa alone. The students who have discontinued their education have might been stricken by poverty.

In order to provide indigent students basic education, the InnerCity Mission School facilitates them a direct platform.

Through this platform, InnerCity Mission provides free education to pupils who cannot afford expensive knowledge at branded schools. Along with this, pupils are provided three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and take-home dinner), textbooks and notebooks with spiritual enlightenment.

This help children nourish their childhood under the light of Jesus.

Here is what the InnerCity Mission Nursery and Primary School believes:


“To take the divine presence of God to the deprived, excluded and vulnerable children living in the “inner cities” of our world; giving them a hope and a future through innovative teaching and learning”.


“To establish schools that integrate Christian values with quality innovative teaching and learning. Educating each indigent child to excel spiritually and mentally; and equipping them with the social skills necessary for growth into responsible, self-reliant adults that are of benefit to the society.”

Special Programs

The InnerCity Mission Schools have initiated a number of programs in order to empower childhood of indigents so they can lead a successful life.

Take a look at the programs driven by a noble mission of educating poverty-stricken students under the tutelage Lord Jesus:

B.R.I.G.D.E Program

The InnerCity Mission School has a special program termed as, The B.R.I.G.D.E Program. It is an academic program that boosts the morale of “late-starter” and facilitates a seamless reintegration to a student who lacks the opportunity to continue their education and quit in the middle of it.

The InnerCity Mission School Play & Learn Initiative

This initiative fosters students to take part in various activities such as competitive sports, creative arts, arts & craft, public speaking, travel, etc., so they can explore their potential to the fullest. The idea empowering this initiative is to make students learn through means beyond traditional academics methods and they can enter into the world with endless possibilities. This initiative enables students to unlock their creativity, imagination, express themselves positively, and most promote collaboration with their peers.

You can also sponsor a child for a child for play & learn (One Session). Visit for more information.

Join this noble mission to create an environment where all children of Jesus can find equal opportunity to thrive.