InnerCity Mission For Children – Making Childhood a Beautiful Experience


The InnerCity Mission for Children is a faith-based, non-governmental organization (NGO) aimed at supporting poverty-stricken children. The NGO puts in efforts to make childhood of every indigent child an inspiring saga. It provides formal education, health care services, sanitation facilities, shelter and other basic facilities to children withered due to poverty.

The InnerCity Mission for Children is basically a ministry of Pastor Chris working towards to children living in the “inner cities” of our world. The NGO, through a network of missionaries, volunteers, and partners, provides food, clothing, medicine, education and accommodation to hundreds of children across Nigeria and in several other locations in Africa.

InnerCity Mission for Children runs a number of Child Development Programs including child development, Childcare and Support, Child Health and Nutrition, and Family Strengthening.

The NGO is running #EndChildPovertyNow Campaign, being supported by award winning music artiste, Martin Phike.

Further, under Back to School Campaign, more than 5000 students, who discontinued their education due to financial problem, have resumed their schools.

You can also contribute towards making their future by follow means:

Give Monthly

Your regular financial support gives the indigent child a hope and a future.


Enrich your life; volunteer your time and services.

Charity Shop

Make a purchase that makes the difference in the life of the indigent child.


Organize your own Fundraiser in order to benefit the InnerCity Mission for Children.

Food Bank

Join forces to provide food to the poverty-stricken children


Support other campaigns being run by the NGO to end child poverty now because every child is your child.

Along with this, you can send portions at Christmas to:

  • Help a child live a hygienic environment, so they can spend their childhood in a disease free environment.
  • Aid digestion, reduce dehydration and encourage healthy eating habits
  • Give a child learning accessories so they can read and write with during this Christmas vacation. Provide financial support to purchase a stationery set that contains a pencil, sharpener, ruler and eraser.

You can give an indigent child a writing material to an indigent child so they can write down their thoughts.

Get to know Pastor Chris

Chris Oyakhilome, D.Sc.,D.D., is the President of Believers’ LoveWorld Inc. (aka Christ Embassy) which is a multifaceted global ministry. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome– a teacher, healing minister, television host, and author – wishes to enrich lives of people at every nook and cranny of the world with divine words of God.