InnerCity Mission Celebrates Children All Over the World

Psalm 127:3 tells us that children are a gift from God, and are also a reward from Him. As humans, we cherish gifts and guard them jealously.  Gifts are given and received with a lot of affection and most times it is an act that demonstrates one’s appreciation towards another.

Unfortunately, the number one gift on earth – children are mistreated around the world. Some are abandoned, hurt psychologically, physically abused and eventually left to face the harsh pangs of death.

Children are celebrated annually around the world and these selfless beings share traits that can only be found in children. They learn fast and when studied properly, you discover God’s beauty and pure love unrefined.


The InnerCity Mission of Christ Embassy, an Initiative conceived and birthed by the Man of God, Rev Chris Oyakhilome, projects God’s undying love to children worldwide irrespective of their race, tribe or religion.  At the InnerCity Mission, the children are given a new hope and see life through a different and better dimension, giving their lives a lift.

Many Indigent Children and families and some other NGO’s have been impacted by this faith-based NGO and this has left nothing but praiseworthy remarks about this organisation.

In the spirit of the Children’s day celebration, the members of the InnerCity Mission put up this amazing piece on their website and I couldn’t help but share this. Enjoy the write up below and don’t forget to support the cause of the InnerCity Mission.


Everyone is connected to a child. Everyone. Whether as a parent, an uncle, an aunt, a childminder, teacher or an adult who was once a child, we all have a connection with children and childhood.


Children are special to our world. They represent over seventy percent of the global population. They bring the sunshine and laughter in our lives and at the same time assure us that there will be a tomorrow as long as planet earth exists.

All children are born with the same traits. They have no cares, no worries, and have so much love to give anyone who’s willing to gain entrance into their world and love them without any limits. They are quick to forgive, swift to forget wrongs done to them, and are content with being happy, living in a happy world every day.

While there is so much to learn from children, there is even much more to give them as they grow. Every child needs love, care, spiritual/moral guidance and discipline just as they need food, shelter, clothing, education and basic healthcare facilities to be properly nurtured and raised into a responsible adult.

Without these, there is no hope of a child becoming an adult who will add value to society, rather, a menace would have been created who would be a terror instead of a builder. There’s no middle ground with this, it’s either the child is raised right to build or a catastrophe is birthed; for with children, there is always an outcome of what was invested in them.


Today’s adult is yesterday’s child and tomorrow’s adult is today’s child. No wonder the bible is so instructive by telling us in Proverbs 22:6, “train up a child in the way he should go and when he grows up, he will not depart from it”. The best time a human being can be moulded and shaped is during childhood. However, raising a child is no mean feat. It is not an easy task and has several intricacies including patience and kindness tied to it.


It is therefore quite startling to see the humongous number of children in the world who are dying every day due to enemies such as hunger, poverty, as well as terrorism and war in affected countries. UNICEF estimates 22,000 children die every day due to hunger and poverty-related reasons, which makes over 8 million children annually. Even though a child is born into the world every six seconds, many of them do not live to see their next birthday and those who survive in the inner cities grow up angry, frustrated and violent if they never find nurture and guidance.

Children are our tomorrow. They are our future and our extension. They, therefore, cannot be ignored and must be raised with the knowledge that there’s an innate seed in each child which can build a society or destroy it.

Indeed, every child has the same potential but not every child has the same opportunity, so let’s give each child the opportunity to build and add value to society by supporting The Innercity Mission for Children.

These are the thoughts we should ponder on as we celebrate children’s day.