Importance of Faith in Life


We often lose hope when sometimes things don’t go according to plan. It is easier to lose faith and even hope when you experience monumental failures in life.

Faith goes beyond hope as it is a deep-establishment made to yourself in the expectation of good things to come in your life. Faith in God can’t be explained by reasons and logic. It cannot be understood through a single dimension.

To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.” — Thomas Aquinas

This post discusses the importance of faith in this life.

Discover the purpose of life with faith

The Ups and downs in life can take a serious toll on us. Faith is a helping hand that guides you in the right direction in all the tribulations and trials. Also, it moves you in the right direction to discover your purpose in life. Discovery of your life through faith is not an overnight process. It is usually harder before it gets better when you are faced with extremely turbulent and difficult situations.

The strength you need to make it through difficult times is called faith. Faith in God shall set you free from difficult situations. Faith is the guiding light that helps you towards your purpose and everything in life is far easier to get through when you have strong faith.

Stress, fear and anxiety can be overcome through faith

Worrying about one thing or the other can put you into highly stressful situations causing both physical problems and mental suffering also. The likelihood of illness and disease increases with stress, fear and anxiety. To eliminate stress, fear and anxiety, you should learn to effectively harbour faith in your life.

Christ Embassy and its role in building faith across the world

Founded in the year 1990 by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (PhD), Christ Embassy has helped millions find purpose in their lives through its outreach programs, seminars, healing sessions and teachings.  Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the President of Christ Embassy, hosts a television programme-“Atmosphere for Miracles” that brings divine presence right into the homes of millions.

Christ Embassy is spreading the Gospel and faith around the globe with its various outreach programs and miraculous healing sessions.

Future Africa Leaders’ Academy

It is an initiative that was started by Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporated aka Christ Embassy, for explaining and exploring the leadership potential in Africa.   This academy identifies, supports and celebrates young Africans with extraordinary leadership skills.

Global Youth Leaders’ Forum (GYLF)

This forum was birthed to nurture and groom people from different parts of the world by providing them with the right direction in life.  The forum so cuts across different nations and they have engaged themselves in many activities that have yielded good fruit in the society. Recently, GYLF members in Toronto reached out to the firemen with the Gospel of Christ through distributing free copies of the daily devotional, Rhapsody of Realities authored by Pastor Chris.