Healing School Graduate Turned Ambassador, Ministers at Local Orphanage

News of how past students of the popular Healing School of Christ Embassy have turned ambassadors, laying hands on the sick and organising outreaches in their respective countries has spread across the globe.

Astonishingly, these people were once sick and came to the healing School for a divine encounter. Some of them were also visitors from other countries who witnessed the miraculous occurrences and were inspired and with the same authority and power of the Holy Spirit, impacted their society.

Reports of these accomplishments have been met with much admiration and complements by others who have impacted by this venture. One of such events is that of Vathiswa Mali, who was healed of tuberculosis at the Healing School.


Vathiswa Mali attended the 2016 Healing School Autumn Session, where she was healed of tuberculosis. From the day she encountered the anointing; her life was turned around and forever changed. With the new lease on life, she received, Vathiswa also discovered her true purpose in the earth, and has been in pursuit of it ever since.

Fully aware of the various challenges faced by today’s youths, Vathiswa set out to reach as many young people as possible with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The crux of her message is that Jesus is the answer to every question, the solution to every problem. She buttresses this truth with her own experience of God’s healing power.

It was in this light that she visited the ‘Home-to-Home’ orphanage in Khayelitsha, South Africa, for a special outreach. Currently, housing more than 20 children, the orphanage received her warmly, and Vathiswa straight away began to share God’s Word with them, communicating God’s love, His plans and purpose for each child according to His Word.

Many received salvation and the infilling of the Holy Ghost during the meeting. The children at the orphanage all received free copies of Rhapsody TeeVo; the youngsters were so excited and full of thanks for all they had received.

With deeds such as this going on worldwide, a vision of a future predestined to be filled with love, hope and peace is not far from reality.