GYLF Members Affect Lives In Australia

The impact of the Word of God in the lives of youths all around the world keeps increasing with the speed of the Spirit. Youths around the world now see the reason to change lives with the message of truth embedded in the Word of God. Several campaigns, outreaches and workshops have been organised worldwide by youths from Christ Embassy and remarkable results have been recorded from those meetings.


The Global Youth Leaders’ Forum members in Australia, desiring to affect more lives, took the call to increase workforce for Kingdom expansion, in a bid to drive the faster spread of the gospel. With this objective, they organised a special leadership training program for youths in Brisbane, Queensland – “A Brand New World”. The meeting was attended by youths from all across Queensland.


A welcome remark was given by Chante Green, one of the host youth, who spoke passionately about how each and every one of them present were the solutions to challenges faced in the society. The attendees were also inspired to burn for God in all things, and their consciousness was awakened to how much of God’s love they have to give to their world, and how God’s love would stir their hearts to win more to Christ.


With the hearts of the youths in attendance stirred towards the work of God, they began to pray passionately, making power available and taking charge of their world. An impartation session ensued with the host youths laying hands on everyone in attendance, transferring the anointing of God’s spirit to spread; speaking God’s word and prophesying. The whole atmosphere was charged up, the youth on fire, ready to go back and disciple more souls for God. It was an inspiring meeting like no other, indeed “A Brand New World” in the nation of Australia is on the verge of emergence.