Global Youth Leaders’ Forum: Raising Leaders around the World


The Global Youth Leaders’ Forum (GYLF) of Christ Embassy is a platform developed for the purpose of grooming and nurturing young leaders from around the world.  The objective of this forum is to promote a generation of youths who can take the responsibility for spreading the Gospel of Christ in their world.

This forum organises conferences and outreach programs across the world, to spread the gospel of Christ. Some of the conferences and outreach programs are listed below.

GYLF Campus Outreach   

In order to reach out to the youth in their campus with the Gospel of Christ, “Deba Erhabor” organised a youth outreach on his campus. Deba Erhabor is a dedicated member of the Global Youth Leaders’ Forum in the United Kingdom.

Driven by an intense desire to see righteousness prevail on his campus like never before, Deba Erhabor opened the eyes of young individuals with divine wisdom. Youth of his campus were blessed and impacted by God’s word that came to them.

Introduction of GYLF in Malaysia

Members of the Global Youth Leaders’ Forum introduced the GYLF in Malaysia, with the aim of transforming lives with the message of Jesus Christ. They explained to the youths of Malaysia the objectives and goals of this forum of Christ Embassy. A number of young leaders were raised as a result of this program.

Special Leadership Training Program for Youth in Brisbane

GYLF members in Australia organised a special leadership training program to propagate the message of Jesus Christ. Held in Brisbane, Queensland, the program was tagged as “A Brand New World”. Chante Green, the representative of the GYLF in Australia, welcomed every individual for the training. This program trains individuals to make youth responsible for causing a positive change in their world. The youth leader of GYLF laid their hands on each delegate in attendance, imparting them with the ability to cause positive effect to their world by the power of the Holy Ghost.

GYLF reaches to firemen in Canada

With the Gospel of Christ, the Global Youth Leaders’ Forum members in Toronto, Canada reached out to firemen. Members ministered to the firemen and taught them God’s word from Rhapsody of Realities, which is authored by the man of God, Pastor Chris. A copy of the daily devotional, Rhapsody of Realities was given to each person by the members of GYLF.

Global Youth Leaders’ Forum in the Year 2017

The nInternational Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is organised from 13th to 20th April 2017 at Johannesburg, South Africa. Click to the link below, to register for this program