Get Access to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Messages by Downloading Mobile Apps from Christ Embassy’s Digital Library


You can get quick access to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s messages on your mobile devices by downloading different mobile applications. Some of the popular mobile applications of Christ Embassy’s Digital Library are listed below.

Rhapsody of Realities App

New Rhapsody of Realities Combo Book can be purchased by the users on its mobile applications at a price of one. This combo book is combination of one audio book and one e-book. This promotional offer is only valid for Rhapsody app users.

This application is known for its improved bookmark, comment, highlights and search features. You can easily download this app on your iPhone or android devices from the link

In order to make user experience memorable, developers have developed mobile application that enhances e-books with audio and video capacity. Based on the language you understand, you can read and understand message of rhapsody of realities.

What is Rhapsody of Realities?

Rhapsody of Realities is daily devotional that remains a life-guide with rich teachings from God’s word. More than 250, 000, 000 copies of Rhapsody of Realities are sold worldwide. Not only that, it is translated in more than 800 foreign languages. To know more, click the link

LoveWorld News

This user-friendly mobile app helps users to keep track of latest happenings and developments across the Believers’ LoveWorld Nation. Users are informed with the most fascinating stores from different ministries of Pastor Chris, through interesting posts, photos, audio or video messages.

Users can follow up-to-minute reporting about different happenings of Christ Embassy; by using this mobile app. Users can lead communication in these mobile applications, by commenting and sharing on different news with your friends, families and relatives.

This app can be download at free of charge on your 3G android smart phone by clicking on the link

Developers and other support staff of this application encourage people to send articles, photos and videos of different interesting events. In order to provide the best possible experience to the clients, professionals from Christ Embassy invites regular suggestions and queries from the users.


This digital mobile platform of Christ Embassy Digital Library allows users to access hundreds of videos and audio messages by Pastor Chris. Apart from sending messages, users can carry out audio and video calls to other users of kingschat mobile application. By using Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G or 2G internet connection, users can send messages or call their loved ones around the globe. No fee or money is charged by kingschat for its services.

The audio and video messages of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome precisely cover a wide range of life issues such as Christian faith, divine healing, Christian living and the Holy Spirit.

You can download this user-friendly mobile application on your android mobile from