Faith in God in Times of Distress


For many individuals, sickness and diseases, failure and distress has become a ball and chain in their lives. With their backs on the wall, they tend to lose faith and trust in God as they give in to the wiles of the devil. For some it is a time of reflection and evaluation in the sense that they start to link their predicaments to one act or the other often times flogging themselves over a feeling of guilt.

It is true that sin gives the devil the privilege and authority to afflict man but God who is mercy Himself still reaches out to as many who turn to Him in repentance. This act is seen mostly when people have reached a breaking point in their lives.

In Matthew 17:14-18, several instances are described when physical sufferings were caused by Satan and his demons. Similar instances were also described in Luke 13:10-16. So, it is clear from these examples that diseases, sickness and illness have come from Satan and natural causes, not from God.

The Healing Ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

A number of faith-based healing sessions are organised by the Healing Ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD across the world. Through the power of God manifested in him, Pastor Chris has cured a large number of individuals from their illness.

A person who was suffering from sickness and illness was healed by watching “Do You Believe in Miracles” video by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD. Sharing his experience, he said, “My name is Daniel from Asaba. I got healed of a very painful stomach ache that lasted for a whole week. I received my healing while listening to Pastor Chris’ message titled “Do You Believe In Miracles”. I couldn’t stop crying while watching this tape. It was there after that I discovered the pain was gone, glory to God. Thank you Pastor Chris I love you sir!”

Several others have testified of God healing them during programmes organised by Pastor Chris. Through his telecast as well, millions who are able to connect with him don’t miss out on the impartation of the Holy Spirit. The just concluded Miracle Healing and Impartation Service that featured Pastor Benny Hinn at the LoveWorld Convocation Arena of Christ Embassy Church witnessed extraordinary miracles by the power of the Holy Ghost. Many testified of instant healing at the name of Jesus. Just as the Bible lets us know that without faith it is impossible to please God, these individuals who testified were full of faith and were ready to receive and they went home with their miracle.

God’s Word is infallible, He doesn’t lie. Go is ready to rid you of whatever you are passing through if only you keep your gaze on Him.