“Every Child is Special” – InnerCity Mission for Children


Everyone feels connected to an innocent, sinless and pure child. Representing more than 70% of the global population, children are quite special as they bring sunshine and laughter into our lives.

But it is quite disturbing to know that a large number of children die due to hunger and poverty every day. Yes every single day, we lose lives of quite a few lives who could contribute towards growth of the world in their future.

According to UNICEF, about 22,000 children die every day due to poverty and related reasons. It goes without saying that children are our future. They therefore cannot be ignored, must be raised with care, love, and knowledge.

InnerCity Mission for Children a full-fledged faith-based non-government organization (NGO) in consultative status with the United Nations (UN). It is under the power of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Foundation. The NGO’s aims to reach out to every indigent children living in abandon places – inner cities.

The foundation is working towards breaking the Cycle of Poverty through sustainable solutions catering both urban and rural child poverty, thereby giving them opportunity to make their childhood a pleasant time. In this manner, the NGO brings light of hope into their dark childhood.

The InneryCity Mission runs a number of programs to provide children education, food, shelter and other facilities to ease their life.

Some of the programs are mentioned below:

#EndChildPovertyNOW – ‘Every indigent child needs a GEM (Giving Every Month)’ this is the motive of #EndChildPovertyNOW. It is a monthly giving program for partners who make commitment to provide regular financial contribution to InnerCity Mission for Children. The amount raised through the initiative is used to provide children better education, food and other related facilities.

Orphanage Support Program – As the name suggests, the InnerCity Mission for Children adopts orphanages and commit to provide regular provision of food supplies.

Children’s Fiestas

Children’s Fiesta is a basically a fun-day specially organized on special occasions, like Easter, Children Day, Christmas and other such days, to bring smiles on the faces of poverty-stricken, unfortunate children.

By this gesture, the children experience love and care of God in a most practical manner.

Visit theinnercitymission.org to know more about the programs being run by the InnerCity Mission for Children.  You can also contribute towards building a great future for children, to know how visit the website.