End Child Poverty Now


“Every Child is your Child! We have a divine responsibility to God, to the Church and the society to reach children in our inner cities. Don’t ignore their cry for help. If we don’t educate them, they will be the source of danger in fifteen years’ time”.     – Rev Dr. Chris Oyakhilome

According to UNICEF, childhood is under threat from ‘poverty’ – every 3.6 seconds one person dies due to starvation and usually it is a child under the age of five. The children are our future, so we must ‘TAKE ACTION NOW’ to alleviate extreme Child Poverty and Hunger; everyone has a part to play to stop this epidemic and save the future.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome calls everyone to come forward, contribute towards the mission to give indigent children a future to look up to.

So, will you stand with Rev Dr. Chris Oyakhilome and the InnerCity Mission for Children to #EndChildPovertyNOW?

If yes, sign the pledge and take adequate action NOW.

Campaign Objectives:

  • To awaken everybody that “Every Child is Your Child”
  • Promote awareness of the plight of the indigent child.
  • To alert society of the dire social consequences of neglecting the problems of indigent children
  • To raise much needed funds to ameliorate the condition of the indigent child
  • To raise at least 1million Sign Ups for the #EndChildPovertyNOW Online Campaign
  • Call to Action

“The challenge of the poor is not just about their needs; we are equally meeting our own needs. It is in your interest to help the poor – if you don’t reach them quickly and get them off the streets, you are helping to create the difficulties for the future”.          – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Here is how you can support #EndChildPovertyNOW

  • Sign The Pledge
  • Be a GEM, Donate Monthly
  • Get Personally Involved
  • Fundraise – Raise much needed funds to support the basic needs of children
  • Visit www.theinnercitymission.org/fundraise
  • Connect & Share – Spread the word online.
  • Wear Your Support – Visit theinnercitymission.org/shop for more information
  • Volunteer – Get involved remotely or on the frontlines.

Take the Pledge

Now, if you really want to make difference in lives of underprivileged children, take the pledge now by saying these words loud:

  • I pledge to stand with Rev Dr. Chris Oyakhilome and the InnerCity Mission to #EndChildPovertyNow!
  • I align myself with all objectives of the #EndChildPovertyNow Campaign.
  • I will actively participate in all activities of the #EndChildPoverty Campaign.
  • I will encourage others to join in my activities and to sign up for the #EndChildPoverty Campaign.
  • I will advocate for actions and policies that support the work of the InnerCity Mission and ensure we eradicate extreme child poverty.
  • I will hold myself accountable to deliver on my promise because Every Child is my Child.
  • So help me God, amen!

For more information, visit theinnercitymission.org.